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Fishing Beach on the River – by Ian Chisholm

Awoke to a veil of tarnished silver hanging over the horizon
Streaked whipped blue haired clouds
Fog billowing off the river
Thick shining dew polishing emerald fields
Frost whitened roofs
Mountain tops peeking down on the splendor.


There was all types of out-of-tune, off beat weirdness lurking about this morning.
Lyle passing out bud at the fishing beach.
Rudy offering cans of Coor’s Light with one hand,
preparing to chain saw a log into firewood with the other.
“Can’t let this heat get away from me.”

Seals snorting their way up river in search of breakfast
And Charlie, well he just shrugs it all off
Yawns the yawn of the comfortable and pulls me
In the direction of home here Mom will soon be joining us.


Ian Chisholm was born in New Jersey in 1950, and the family moved to Illinois in 1966. Soon after, Ian quit high school and moved to New York City and worked as a runner on Wall Street. Ian learned the lessons of the street which lead to his retirement from active employment at a young age, allowing him the time to wander the alleys, back roads and side streets of North America. Ian found a second career as an actor and model.

He has appeared in film, television, commercials, training films and the theater.

It was as an improvisational actor that Ian became interested in storytelling and subsequently writing. Ian has taught improv acting at Portland Community College. He is a member of SAG/AFTRA. He finally graduated from high school and college.

“I just stepped out of line for awhile and I’m always looking for an opportunity to do it again.”

Ian resides on Puget Island in the middle of the Columbia River in Washington State.

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