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The Dove Between Us by Jessica A. Deckard

The afternoon was awash with
           cobblestones, and somehow I
sensed that your body,
           which looked as it always had,

was really crouched tight into
           a leaving position. Your wings moved
air like a turbine in a vacuum,
           and our room stilled.

In another lifetime, I see
           a boy: he wears a wig and throws
pebbles up to me, his Juliet.
           They are a soft invitation

to venture into the cool
           grass of night.  We are angels
feasting on dew.  His tongue —
           a savior — breaks me

like dawn: breath moves
           over the water.
Bless these minds of ours
           that keep us alive.

Your words hit their mark,
           but I was not there.
When your mouth stoned my heart,
           the dove between us,

I took the rubble and
pocketed it for later.


Jessica A. Deckard is a native of upstate New York and a former New Orleans resident.  A writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, her work has appeared in The Adirondack Review, Common Threads, Analecta, and been honored by diverse groups including the American Association of University Women and the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society, which selected her essay “Spontaneous Ingénue Seeks Mute Pirate” for the 2009 Shelby Foote Prize for the Essay.  A graduate of Colgate University, Jessica studies writing and literature at Indiana University South Bend where she was named as the inaugural Eileen Bender Scholar.

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