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Poems by Byron Beynon


The odour of canals
at war with temperature
in a northern city.
The exposed beams of oak
inside a house
sold for thirteen thousand guilders,
number 4 Breestraat
its character developed
with brick, glass, wood,
stone, paint and tar.

Saskia stands by the artist;
in a street they observe
the strained façade.
He lives in an area
known for publishers and painters,
works inside a tall building,
gathers curiosities,
the pictures stacked
against and hanging
from the walls.

Children that die in infancy,
the stress of a late wife
who bequeaths the condition
of a small income.
After twenty years
he steps out of the front door
for the last time,
misused by hardships
he turns with a new inwardness,
still confident of his art.




after the painting by J D Innes (1887-1914)

Can a room
preserve a memory?
The key is hidden,
but the curtain is drawn
back to allow the eyes
to settle on other lights.
Chairs, a table simply laid,
canvases at rest,
quietly the corner emerges
from darkness.
Summoned by the act of patience,
it is there in the mind’s uncharted
corridors where life goes on.


Byron Beynon lives in Wales. His work has appeared in several publications including The Blue Hour, The Warwick Review, London Magazine, Poetry Wales and Cyphers. His most recent collection is The Echoing Coastline (Agenda Editions).


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