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Chartreuse by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

A combination of green and yellow

A biddie to some.

We are all mad, patrons

at the polka dot banquet

for too many polka dots.

The never more stripe convention

and bell bottom jeans funeral-

the skinny jean has become too arrogant.

Chartreuse silk

never fails, to stamp you hand.

Chartreuse too slick for bacon bits.

Chartreuse mans the helm

with built in short-cut apps.

Chartreuse the woman in every deodorant commercial.

Undeniably touchable but don’t touch her.

Underneath the sheen is a cold linoleum scream

that would frighten Lilly Allen.

Chartreuse frosted your cake, showed it to you,

than gave it to the Nelsons.

All series of three will end badly.

Chartreuse is the epilogue.

You cannot even spell her.

She is the Char and I am the truce.

I lied and liked it.

I licked your face while you slept,

You woke up salted,

didn’t cook carbonara,

Or give the Seventh Seal a chance.


Jennifer MacBain-Stephens graduated from New York University, and currently lives in Iowa City, IA. She is the author of the chapbook “EveryHerDies,” (ELJ Publications, forthcoming 2014.) She has written four YA non-fiction books (Rosen Publishing) and has poems published in Emerge Literary Journal, Superstition Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Thirteen Myna Birds, Rufous City Review, Menacing Hedge, Stirring, Eunoia Review, Star82Review, Burningwood Journal, Bitterzoet Magazine, and other journals online and in print. She participated in Iowa City’s 2013 Poetry in Public Project and was recently nominated for Best of the Net. For a complete list of publications visit:http://jennifermacbainstephens.wordpress.com/


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