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Closer by Susan Sweetland Garay

We go into the wilderness

to find a wilder version of ourselves,

to release her out into the world.


We look, trying to see everything

between the curves and the edges,

how it blends together and fades.

We circle back, again and again,

each time getting just a little

closer to the center.


The sounds of the ocean and

the windswept pines belong together.


We desire. We demand. We rage.

We are quiet when we should speak.

We shed layers. Grow. Surrender. Leave behind.

We die and come alive again.


We dance wildly in an empty room

trying to enjoy instead of endure.

We live together on our separate planets.

We arrive again and again.


My body was made for this.


Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Susan Sweetland Garay received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Brigham Young University, spent some years in the Ohio Appalachians and currently lives in the Willamette Valley with her husband and 2 cats where she works in the vineyard industry. She will welcome her first child this spring.
She has had poetry and photography published in a variety of journals, online and in print, and is a founding editor of The Blue Hour Literary Magazine and Press.
More of her work can be found at


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