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Heraklion by Constantine Mountrakis

I. Arrival

the instruments of the past
hollow out spaces
for the future dead
from the present’s yielding

a yellowing limestone
of people

II. Departure

This city
and I,
we wait.

while we molt
the day’s plumage,
a mouthful of North
asserts itself,
where you and I
meet the ocean.

we shrink from it,

while erosion
scrapes lions from limestone
and faces
from my soul




Constantine Mountrakis is an anthropologist and writer from New York City. He currently lives in Athens, Greece, where he is pursuing a doctorate. While he has been writing for approximately twenty years, he has only recently ventured out of his shell to join the literary community. His work has appeared in Punchnel’sMisfits’ Miscellany, and Speculative Edge Magazine, among others.


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