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World Poetry Day

Friday 21st March is World Poetry Day!

The Blue Hour launched at the end of 2012, and has grown into something far beyond what we imagined. Every day we receive wonderful submissions to our magazine from all around the globe.

On this international celebration of poets and artists, we thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to try and visualize just how vastly our contributors are dispersed around our planet.

The results are amazing. We’d like to welcome you over to this special website we created, It contains the general location of just a small selection of our featured artists, overlaid on Google Maps. Each droplet contains a link to a published piece by the author on our main website.

Please note that not all our contributors are featured in this list, due to time and resource constraints! Those shown are just to demonstrate the geographic diversity in even just a segment of our community. We very much appreciate every single person who has made the Blue Hour what it is, and who have given us the honor to share their work with our readers.

We hope you enjoy discovering (or re-discovering) some terrific works through this map, and that you in turn have a terrific World Poetry Day!

Remember you can submit your work to us at We are four editors strong now, and we read everything.

Susie, Moriah, Heather and Miguel of The Blue Hour.

Note: if you have trouble viewing the World map website, try this link instead.

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