Photo Contest!


The Blue Hour is having a cover photo contest!

The Blue Hour editors are excited to invite our readers to submit a cover image to be considered for the upcoming Volume 3 edition of our Anthology series.

This time around, the theme is ‘Growth’ and/or ‘Multiplication’. We are looking forward to seeing how you interpret these ideas in a visual form.

The winner of this competition will receive a free copy of the print edition.

Please submit your proposed cover to our submission system at Choose ‘Cover contest’ as the category when submitting – this will help us review all submissions.

You may submit up to three covers, which should be in JPG or PNG format and do not need to contain any title text, just image(s).

By submitting to this contest you are authorizing us to print your image as a front or back cover or an internal image in our Volume 3 Anthology.

Entries close on March 31st.

Good luck!


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