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Cast a line – by Sue Mayfield Geiger

The jetties sliced my feet as I slipped on the green slime
while dad fished, glancing my way.
“Be careful.”

He baited his hook with squirming live shrimp whose
antennae scared me.
“They’re harmless.”

The sun burned my shoulders and tops of my thighs
as sun block was still in the mind of its inventor.
“Where’s your hat?”

Sardines, crackers, pork ’n beans eaten out of the can,
pretzels, with sips of warm beer, never tasted so good.
“Don’t tell your mother.”

Trout were reeled in, over and over; they flipped and
flopped, their gills opening and closing, I touched one.
“Throw them back!” I cried.

After the sun went down, the spray of saltwater
made my skin tingle, giving me a chill, I shivered.
“Take my jacket; we’re almost done.”

Dad picked up the fish bucket, opened the latch on the side
and let the trout go; one by one they swam by me.
No words were spoken.

Calloused hands swept me up and carried me to the car.
Worn out,

Sue Mayfield Geiger writes for several regional and national publications and has interviewed celebrities such as Shirley MacLaine, Steve Martin, Willie Nelson and Ted Turner, among others. Her work has been published in “The Binnacle,” University of Maine’s Ninth Annual Ultra-Short Edition 2012; “Inner Landscapes,” Grayson Books, W. Hartford, CT, 2013; “RiverLit Magazine,” Spokane, WA, 2013; “Lifting the Sky,” Dos Gatos Press, Austin, TX, 2013; “Of Sun and Sand Anthology,” Kind of a Hurricane Press, Daytona Beach, FL, 2013, “The Write Place at the Write Time” online journal, 2013 and 2014; and “Fringeworks,” United Kingdom, forthcoming.

Her own book of prose and verse, Gibbons Street, is available on her website http://www.smgwriter.com. She has a B.A. in English and lives on the Texas Gulf Coast.


One thought on “Cast a line – by Sue Mayfield Geiger

  1. Enjoyed this poen immensely. Reminded me of my youth fishing…….you really have a gift for capturing the essence of the moment

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