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Consumed – by Jason O’Rourke

The sweet decree of love’s perdition:

That all is tossed into the fire.

What once mattered, matters naught,

You gladly dance upon the pyre.

Jason O’Rourke is a writer and musician based in Belfast, Ireland. He writes primarily about the experience of living in this historical city of contrasts, in a series of short notes which present the reader with literary ‘snapshots’ of everyday, ‘vernacular’ events. An assortment of different voices and genres are used, in order to examine Belfast from a variety of viewpoints, thus reflecting the social, cultural, and political diversity that exists there. These ‘Vernacularisms’ are compact, and often tend towards the poetic in their use of language.

As well as his creative writing, Jason has published a number of essays and articles about the history of the Medieval Book, and has made several recordings of Traditional Irish Music.

The Belfast Notes can be found on his blog at http://vernacularisms.com

Music is available online at the usual channels or at his MySpace page: http://new.myspace.com/jasonoruairc

Twitter: @jasonoruairc

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VernacularismsJasonORourke

Proofreading and editing: http://www.typewright.co.uk


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