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Poems by Jeremy Nathan Marks

The joy I feel

The joy I feel coming down to
the sea is new to me. A new

The ocean is sparkling blue.
The sky is almost impenetrably
white in the valley.

Up on this ridge, one mile or more
above the sea there is snow.
And it brings me hope.

The sun is so bright that all I feel
is warmth. Looking at the sea I could
almost drink that great eternal blue.

I can almost forget how its salt will
draw out all of my blood and water.

The sun says just drink it in. And
the mountain says go down into the
valley, again.


Two Kestrels

When my wrists bleed
I believe that I see
two kestrels
take flight

They drip drops
of my blood
the way April
makes rain

Prey dilates
in their mouths
a thousand fish eyes
and a million
million souls-

New Year

Listening in on this stand of woods-
Listening in and waiting for the one
or two crows whom I know because

They favour these woods. Favour
them as I now do my own foot or
know to be as tender as this dim

Corner of the new year. It does not
say that I should wait and see. I feel
almost implored not to move.


Jeremy Nathan Marks is a St. Louis, Missouri born Marylander who came to Canada seven years ago and can’t decide if the cows he has been seeing in his dreams have been fat or have been thin. By moving away from his native land he somehow has become more connected with his roots. Poetry, photography and wild nature are his Muses while the PhD he came here to do has become more like a guest who has overstayed his welcome. His work has been published numerous places including The Blue Hour, Lake: A journal of arts and environment, and at The Camel Saloon. Three of his poems will be forth coming in the summer edition of the Wilderness House Literary Review. He and his wife Michelle live with their animal family in London, Ontario.


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