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Preferences by Anthony J. Langford

Give me filth
Give me unreachable bucket lists
Give me prescription medication
With a coffee
Give me lipstick
With construction boots
Give me a flash Ferrari
Or a donkey with dermatitis
Give me beer swilling rednecks
And flutes of champagne
Give me teen porn
And dwarf throwing
Give me twelve hour days
And sessions on the couch
Give me family
And an island alone
Give me a bunch of suits
Though I’d rather not
Same goes with academics
Though there’s always exceptions
Give me slush puppie Sundays
And screaming oysters
Give me security guards and cleaners
Over managers
Give me sporty Steve’s
And lemon lickers
Give me Sue of all trades
And Jack of none
Give me Dostoevsky
And a celebrity trash mag
I’ll tolerate digital dropouts
And dew drops
On the eyelids
Give me alternative music
And cheesy pop
Give me art-house cinema
And toddlers TV
Give me something
But not just anything
Give me steak and soufflé
Give me milk and Merlot
Sure I have my preferences
But sometimes you have to take what you can get
Give me a good laugh
Though a good cry has its merits
Give me a slow dance
And a hard fuck
Give me a plane and a boat
Though I don’t like either
Give me a headache with a hangover
And a sober year
Give me a Jew and an Arab
And a Mongolian leper
I don’t care where they’ve been
Or where they’ve come from
Just don’t give me bullshit
Because I can’t stomach that.


Anthony J. Langford is a 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominee. He lives in Sydney, writes novels, stories, poetry and makes video poems. Recent publications include Five Poetry Magazine, Forge Journal and The Glass Coin. He works in television and has made short films, some screening internationally. A novella, Bottomless River (2012) and a poetry collection, Caged without Walls (2013) are out through Ginninderra Press.
Much of his work is at http://www.anthonyjlangford.com


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