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What’s Coming by Michele Seminara

As sight ebbs and sound
swirls, my senses
are withdrawing;
the tidal envoys
of consciousness spiral
back into the nub
of the umbilicus.

It’s a forced renunciation,
a staged retreat, betrayed
by the sly deconstruction of
the body and this slippery mind –
which (once so keen!)
no longer clings
as fixedly to outer things

but gropes, like a hand
in the dark to grasp
its object, before sliding
off, then fumbling
to reclaim and
lose again.

You know how it is. No need
to labour: we all know
what’s coming.


Michele Seminara lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and three children. She has been practising and teaching yoga, Buddhism and meditation for fifteen years. Her work has been published in several online and print journals, and she was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her passions are emptiness (the Buddhist kind) and poetry. She blogs at http://micheleseminara.wordpress.com and is on Twitter @SeminaraMichele


18 thoughts on “What’s Coming by Michele Seminara

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  2. This poem is chilling. Brilliant, beautiful imagery, lovely and simplistic. Perhaps focus on using simpler words to let the colors shine. Well done. I have a literary blog myself, and it is so nice to meet other writers.

  3. Michele I am very happy for you, Happy new year and hope and pray that you have a very spiritually prosperous and a abundantly bless year! God bless you and your family! Congrats my sister!

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