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3 poems by M.J De Angelis

That Sunset

Because that sunset never came,
defiant silhouettes of crows in a dead tree
never denied the reddish gold ( or wasn’t it golden red? –
since it doesn’t really matter which it wasn’t? ).

Because that sunset never came,
the midge hatch above the timothy field
never lit and glowed and sparkled like floating fairy dust –
like magic cast to grant a wish.

Because that sunset never came,
I still couldn’t stop thinking of you
even though I wished to escape into brilliance.
I hoped you’d be left behind for the night.


As Another Day Broke

The swift moving river froze again last night.
I felt those flows – their hollow crack in the shivering black.
You, once again, were nowhere in sight.

Or did you watch from the far shore in the pale moonlight?

I was trembling when I awoke.
If you were awake, neither of us spoke.

We lie there still – even as another day broke.



“Alas,” that’s what I’d say, but I’m forbidden.
The poetry police declared I shan’t.
And “shan’t”, it seems, I too must keep well hidden,
as it’s archaic – with an untoward slant.

What’s more, rhyme is a crime.  And so are forms.
For who’d suggest that meaning ought to fit
when clearly sense has brought us wayward norms
( and far too much since then is made of it ).

M.J. De Angelis lives on the Lamprey River in Durham, New Hampshire and enjoys fly fishing. His pieces have appeared in: “Third Wednesday”, “Chiron Review”, “Wild Goose Poetry Review”, “The Blue Hour”, “Scholars and Rogues Poetry”, “Sonnetwriters.com”, and “The Penwood Review”. Although his first passions are poetry and fly fishing, he pays the bills writing software.



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