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Tracing broken dolls by Aprilia Zank

at the end of the day
after the blood of dusk
has trickled into the earth
I go and peruse the streets
for broken dolls
swollen lips
burnt skin
bruised thighs
punctured veins
truncated dreams

they are not easy to find
for they hide
in barns
with newly born calves
or behind
velvet curtains
with family crests
or roam with stray dogs
or float
on harpsichord airs

I have to hurry
to come in time
with lint
and ointment
with artificial limbs
and lullabies
to soothe them
to sing them into sleep
before the dawn comes
and they awake
hanging on strings
for new puppeteers


Dr. Aprilia Zank tutors Creative Writing Workshops at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. She is also a poet, translator and editor of poetry anthologies. She writes verse in English and German, and was awarded a distinction at “Vera Piller” Poetry Contest, Zurich. She is also a passionate photographer.


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