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Wave-form by Stuart Barnes

a found poem for Benjamin Dodds



a wonderful sunset
and all the dreamers are waking
up up up up up up up up!
they go all the way up to the top of the night
to find the song of the oil and the brush
and all the time the light is changing
sounds like they’re saying words
more joy
washing machine
the wind it blows the door closed
823 … 0 … 6647093844609555223 …
goodnight, Mum
and you’re invisible
beautiful in her armour
and what do you feel?



note: lyrics sourced from Kate Bush’s Aerial

Stuart Barnes’s poems and creative nonfiction have appeared in The Warwick Review, Poetry Ireland Review and Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry, amongst others, are forthcoming in Going Down Swinging and Verity La. Poetry Editor of Tincture Journal and PASH Capsule, he lives in Queensland, Australia, where he is working on Blackouts & other poems, a manuscript inspired by and dedicated to Gwen Harwood, a childhood ally. Follow him on Twitter at @StuartABarnes.


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