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Returning Monks by Glenn Lyvers

They are passing in front of the moon,
bats in the Midwest skies—loosed
from sagging barns, released
and then recalled.

They are Siping City monks reborn
as silent hands signing prayers
into the night sky. (But they are not
silent—we simply cannot hear them.)

Those who broke their vows
of silence have been returned,
reincarnated, loosed into the night.

They must now spend a life
screaming to locate dinner.
They must now spend a life
screaming to find their way.

Glenn Lyvers is a poet and author living in Virginia Beach, VA. Lyvers is currently the editor of Poetry Quarterly and several lessor known journals. He has won two annual poetry prizes, a Wolfson award in short fiction, and is the recipient of several Pushcart Prize nominations. Lyvers most recent book, Burnt Umber, published by MLM is available on Amazon.com until it is sold out. Learn more about Glenn Lyvers by visiting his online blog  www.glennlyvers.com.


2 thoughts on “Returning Monks by Glenn Lyvers

  1. Oh, I do love this. Something about the way the music carries on the images. And some very original metaphor going on, bats–monks–wings beating like prayers. . . Thank you for introducing me to Glenn Lyvers!

    • I bought Glenn Lyvers book after class in poetry. I picked him for class project. I hope to visit the America in words that are his. How does he imagination these images? I cried at end of book because no more is to read. (Sorry English is my second language if I make mistakes)

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