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2 Poems by Evelyn Casey

Hidden bruises


And as you slept the chug chug of the train

ran through your dreams

I loved the uncertainty in your closed eyes,

the trap doors to all those tears that you have never shed,

and the loneliness in your quiet breath.


Your white skin, now full of hidden bruises,

and  scars of your long gone past

that will never really be long gone,

start to heal, knowing that I am here

to keep you safe.


This photograph I have of you

for my Mother

I gaze deep into your grey eyes

and try to see,

what kind of life you though it would be.

Your beauty shines from deep within

and penetrates my being.

Your smile tells no sorrow,

your pain allows no tomorrow

your  fear haunts your soul

your love endless, and complete.

My Mother with your special charm

My Mother with your heart so warm

You beauty, born to care and share

your love and patience

I try to feel what you went through

I try to sense your despair

 I hold your image

and whisper ‘ Do you hear.’

No one can surmise

my depth of loss, without you.

When I gaze into those soft grey eyes,

in this photograph I have, of you

EVELYN CASEY is from Limerick.  On her return from Germany in 2008 having lived there fifteen years she started to write poetry. She is a diligent write. She has been guest speaker in ‘The White house’ Limerick, O Bhéal, Cork and other private venues.  She won a ‘Desmond O Grady’ prize for poetry in 2009. Evelyn has been published in many books including the books’ Poetic Humour, Anthology of a River, and several times in ‘Revival’. She is one of the six poets included in Revivals poetry anthology ‘Sextet’. Evelyn is also published in the Limerick 12. 12. 12. Art/ Poetry collection by Anne Marie Burke. Evelyn has just completed a residency in the Tyrone Guthrie centre. She writes from the heart.






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