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Blood Music by Frank Reardon is now available

blood music
List Price: $13.95
For signed copies find Frank Reardon on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/frank.reardon?fref=ts
About the author:
Frank Reardon was born in 1974, in Boston, MA and spent his first 28 years living there. Since then, he has lived all over the country in places such as Alabama, Kansas City and Rhode Island. He currently resides in the Badlands of North Dakota, still looking for a way to get out. Frank has been published in various reviews, journals and online literary zines. His first book, Interstate Chokehold, was published by NeoPoiesis Press in 2009. His second book, Nirvana Haymaker, was published by NeoPoiesis in 2012.
Blood Music
Authored by Frank Reardon
Introduction by John Dorsey
Cover design or artwork by SB Stokes
Edited by A. Razor

A collection of Frank Reardon’s most recent work that covers the transitions of the poet as he has traversed the country and developed his style into a diverse and heartfelt voice that creates hope inside the turmoil of modern living while painting vivid images for readers to walk into like a road worn pair of shoes gifted to a barefoot traveler in order to make it a little bit further down the road.

“Read Frank Reardon at your own risk. He’ll open your heart with a corkscrew and leave you wide-eyed and longing for more.”
-Dan Fante, author of Chump Change, Mooch,”86’d” and Spitting Off Tall Buildings

Publication Date:
Oct 27 2013
1940213908 / 9781940213903
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Poetry / American / General

What people are saying about Blood Music

“In Blood Music, Frank Reardon’s poems are matches set aflame and dropped into the deep well of who we were, who we are, and who we might be, bringing to light all the small moments, the subtle revolutions, and the passing microcosms that we can never get back, save for these fleeting glimpses through poetry like Frank’s. Put together, these small moments reveal the sea change happening within all of us, whether we realize it or not. And from these poems, it is clear that Frank is well aware of the passing of time, the importance of final goodbyes, of the next bend in the wooded trail, of one foot placed before the other. It is an excellent collection that speaks honestly and without pretension, which is a rare and valued commodity in days such as these.”

— James H Duncan, editor of The Hobo Camp Review.

“After patching the soles of his boots and washing the dirt from his hands, you’ll find Frank Reardon at his typewriter with a rucksack of adventures and fingers itching to scream. In his new book Blood Music, Reardon peels back the weathered skin of past love affairs and familial relationships in order to expose the pulsing blood beneath. Never short of breath, the poems in Blood Music display modest confidence and genuine vulnerability, creating an organic, visceral collection with a heartbeat of its own.”

—Lawrence Gladview, author of Just Ignore the Beerstains.

“Like the sound of blood thrumming through veins during a life defining moment, so is the importance of Frank Reardon’s writing in Blood Music. His writing will make you feel as if your heart is in a vice or expanding transcendentally during moments of bliss. Blood Music is one hell of a ride.”

— Moriah LaChapell Editor of The Blue Hour Magazine.


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