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The Author The Photographer and Me by Tim Knight

Make up stories, give voice to character,
imagine what they’d do in penned ink with
eagle-eyed o’s and dotted i’s
written on scrolls in
corner-of-the-room darkness, and black morning,
blue over the sea street traffic through
to rivers cutting into the ocean that’s the centre of town.

Don’t throw your crowned prose away
just for it to become another night of wine
fighting cigarettes in the stomach pit of your
naked undress.

Cut that cord and come closer,
let linger in your perfume’s wake and
emerge through hotel double hall, mall, doors
either mine, hers or yours,
take me with you in your hands that gather and bind
and fold over mine in yours when walking away,
past the boys with their wine in bottles
hidden in mist plastic bags

You’re wearing that dress,
dressed in the crease, the line, the divide of
cheek to cut-cloth material
hugging such heavenly thighs with a perpetual
hem sewed up into lost era fashions,
and smoking from holders and sipping wine imported
from the other side somewhere,
not on the sly in household rooms, briefly swept by the borrowed
broom of pocket-money and hand-me-down jumpers,
but in the park in glasses we bought together for pence

from      the       ASDA       down        the        road.

Tim Knight is a student at Anglia Ruskin University and the founder/housekeeper of Coffee Shop Poems (.com), a poetry website giving a roof to his poems, as well as one to the poetry of others. A self-published poet and believer in the can-do, apart from when essays are due- they can wait.


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