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The Kelp Forest by Jon Bennett

“But now what I’m really into,” he said,
is free diving for abalone.”
“I guess it’s very beautiful down there,” I said.
“It is beautiful,” he said
holding onto the word
like it was a strange fish.

The ideas that day
were dripping from my fingertips like candle wax.
It was hard for me to talk to him.
“You got to pop them off before they clench down,” he said,
“it’s dangerous though.”
“Yes,” I said.

He told me how he used to write
but his girlfriend didn’t believe in him.
I nodded and drank.
Finally he left, and only then
could I see the kelp forest –
the strangling vines and circling sharks –
the world underneath
it all.

Jon Bennett has been published in Boyslut, WISH, Mad Swirl and the forthcoming Gutter Eloquence.


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