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3 Poems by Ashley Capes

there’s a camera

on me
must be that, I’m in a pretty bad

otherwise why
would I run?

only the same guy
waits beyond the hotel door
carpet spotted
same guy
over the counter
with milk, waiting to buy petrol
same guy
at my desk, typing
shoulders gargoyled
and sure as hell the same guy
in the car park
eating my lunch
desperate for just ten minutes
to himself
stereo on window
and the same guy still,
at home
not nearly sleeping enough
hands myopic
making their tiny

and so why else run
such a futile line?

the same guy
is always waiting

windows fog

at the train stop
pink shadows
catch passengers
who wait with briefcases
and mouths down on cigarettes

tapping their feet

as though such sounds
were not lost
to the rattling of tracks
to clicks and murmurs
of boarding

as though

everyone was not simply
hurtling along
in a slippery dance
set to stopwatches,
in a steel rectangle
whose windows fog
with things left unsaid
at home, at work
at school and wherever else

we nearly said them.

small yellow glow

night time Venice
was narrow

had a feel
reclining singing
or day dreaming

the taste of pistachios
went off
and chocolate
offered no comfort

maps between fingertips
did nothing
but crease

and the memory of
one café
one waiter
led only to another

until looking back

the yellow glow
of food
and cheer
was all too small


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