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New Currency by A.G. Dumas

When did hate become
our new currency?

Like its predecessor,
it grows not by hoarding
but by diverse investment
in things like iron gates
around communities,
in charter schools and
megachurches that preach
exclusion and dogma,
and in guns with many bullets
that kill and mutilate.

Those whose lives it rules
believe they are far worthier
than those who despise and
renounce it; the ruling class
puts it in trust so their children
and their children may all
someday wallow in pendant lives
of piety and self-righteousness.

It has been with us so long that
it sometimes goes unnoticed
that it is being coveted and
accumulated by more people,
so much so that it now seems to
have become the gold standard.

But like the old currency,
it creates a sad conundrum:
Many rich with hate are neither
happy with it, nor without it.


A.G. Dumas is a longtime writer who lives in New Jersey. He, like many of us, resorts
to poetry when he has an emotional upheaval — and doesn’t know how else to express it.


3 thoughts on “New Currency by A.G. Dumas

  1. Poetry is the best way to express emotional upheaval! I find the outlet most rewarding, sometimes I express in song which to me is poetry set to music or vice versa. 🙂

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