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Pray by Michele Seminara


Birds of prey
fly their victims
live into the eye-blue sky

with intent

to drop them, split them, kill them
and then feed upon them.

I long
to be that prey;
I desire
to be sundered –
(like the sacrificial lamb, the turtle and the russet crab).

my heart
to crack and scatter
its gems on the hard grey stone.

want my guts
to burst and spread
their filth on the grassy slopes.

want my brain
to splinter and pierce
you with its obsidian shards.

to be a feast
of truth you will devour.

Michele Seminara studied creative writing and Australian and English literature at The University of Sydney, winning several university writing competitions and publishing some short stories – writing was her passion and, she thought, her destiny.
After dropping out of a postgraduate law degree she spent the next few years working and travelling throughout Europe, Asia, and particularly India, which she loved and where she spent a year. It was here that she became interested in yoga and she later trained to become a yoga, Buddhist and meditation teacher. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years, and teaching it for nearly fifteen (this makes her feel much younger than it makes her sound!)
She currently lives in Sydney with her husband and three children, and has a passion for poetry.
You can read more of her poetry at her blog: TheEverydayStrangeAndSacredhttp://micheleseminara.wordpress.com/


3 thoughts on “Pray by Michele Seminara

  1. Thank you Blue Hour for publishing this! Just a small thing, but would it be possible to insert a line break after the 2nd and 3rd “want” in the “I want” stanzas, to make the layout consistent? Many thanks, Michele

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