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3 Poems by M.J. De Angelis

Over the Line

My neighbor’s wife is maybe 40. I’d guess he’s 70.
She’s got to be at least 6 feet. He might be 5.

He’s retired and shoots woodchucks with his 22.
He rides his John Deere all through their woods –
he spreads muck from the stables to manage the trails.

She always smiles and rides her horse. Often she gallops.

Meanwhile he hays, or bales or spreads stuff on the fields.
He rides his tractor shirtless. He’s always sunburned.

I’m curious what pleasure she gets from riding that horse.

However, that’s none of my business.
My business is threshing tussled thoughts back into line.

Going Offline

When I drop a sparse subway car
and ride electric veins,
I hear blue-spark fragrances
dance circles around squealing reason.
Sometimes I remember where to get off.

Someday Game

His head wobbled off,
and he intercepted it with both hands
like a football caught unexpectedly.
He looked up at his neck-stump.
He couldn’t decide
whether to stuff his head back on his body
or the other way around.
So, his body slumped on an empty bench at the mall
and his head panted out of breath beside it.
He admitted he hated his body,
and his body just sat there.
He vowed one day to be a new person,
and his body just sat there.
He couldn’t decide
whether it was his head that needed something sweet and salty
or the other way around.
Somehow, right then, he became reconnected.
He swore, if he could just make it home in time for the game,
then someday he’d be who he meant to be.

M.J. De Angelis lives on the Lamprey River in Durham, New Hampshire and enjoys fly fishing. His pieces have appeared in: “The Penwood Review”, “Third Wednesday”, “Sonnetwriters.com”, “Wild Goose Poetry Review”, “Scholars and Rogues Poetry”, and “Chiron Review”. Although his first passions are poetry and fly fishing, he pays the bills writing software.


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