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Two Poems by Jean Byrne

When left alone

They didn’t know how
They were left alone
Just the two of them
They’d successfully avoided
Such a situation
For twenty long years

The two of them now
Staring into their beers
As if it was right there
That conversation would be found
That answers would be found
The rift would be healed

But alas, no way out
Father and son alone
The former hiding in manly banter
The latter too tired and resigned
To talk at all
Which was worse?

They lived in separate worlds
The spoke with different words
The symbolic power of
This powerful union
False expectations added to tension
Swelling their distance

Failure all the more palpable
The gap between them more acute
Tumbleweeds blew by
Empty words on deaf ears
Awkward and sad hearts
The most common of tragedies


I looked out over the fields
It was all so quiet
And I was scared that the silence outside
Would make it all too noisy inside
But it didn’t
I went at its pace
Flowed into the slow rhythm
Let my mind work on a tempo
That seemed a lot more human
I had so much to sift through then
I thought it’d all seem huge amidst the quiet
But everything slowed down
And no matter how big it all was
I felt no hurry
No rush to make everything alright
Just go to a quiet place, and let it flow
Slow, slow, slow
That’s the pace you need
To find the calm to get better

Jean Byrne is from Dublin and has been living in Barcelona for the past three years. She studied Sociology and Spanish in Trinity College Dublin. After working for two years as a researcher she decided on a change and is now working as a translator and English teacher. She will be starting a Masters in Translation this year. Jean has been writing for some time but has only recently started to take it more seriously. She has published pieces in Misfits’ Miscellany, Word Riot and Pif Magazine. At present she is translating several of her poems into Spanish and working on a small illustrated publication with a close friend.


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