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Two poems by Mark Nenadov


My quill hits the page,
my character's plot scowls;
Concentration broken
a cluster fly lands on the wall
momentarily distracted.

Cluster Fly

Cluster fly
       magnet to the window
             in clumps
                    of beady eyes
             and see-through wings that fly
             towards his target
       like a bull at a rodeo.
It's also the day a lot of his friends will die
I can't find the fly-swatter
so I may have to use a dish cloth
and a swift flick of my wrist knocks him
unconscious and skidding on my hardwood floor.

Mark Nenadov is a poet from Essex, Ontario, Canada. He lives with his lovely wife and their baby daughter. Mark’s poems have appeared in publications in the United States, Canada, Pakistan, and Ireland. He also has a poem in the Whisky Sour City anthology recently published by Black Moss Press. See http://www.marknenadov.com for more details.


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