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Firedance by G.R Melvin

I can dance around a fire.
If the spirits take notice,
If they’re drawn by this sight,
As we might be
lured by the light
of dead stars, already,
If the spirits take notice of
Me at the blaze;
My body and face,
(Not at all faking
What I choose to let loose)
Shiny, and shaking away my disease,
Let said spirits kindly
sign off on release.
All art is a struggle to be, in a particular sort of way, virtuous.
Iris Murdoch JULY 15,1919–FEB 8,1999 REST IN PEACE

G.R Melvin says: “I work in govt. factory all night, and return home to work my real job, a poet! at home

I blog at namelessneed.wordpress.com”


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