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The Moth by Ben Naga

As a very young child
She found moths disquieting
Passing themselves off as butterflies
Who simply preferred dark colours
But really being no more than insects
Not proper butterflies at all
No beautiful colours to disguise
Just bugs with wings, disgusting

Her wings too are dark
So not many see her
As she moves among them
Timidly, hiding her colours
She lives in earthbound withdrawal
Here in the whispering shadows
Flies only while everyone is asleep
Hoping not to be discovered

She fears she would disgust them
If they got even a glimpse
They’d turn and run away
Because her wings are so dark
No, not many ever see her fly
Nor the way the wind, tender-hearted
Caresses her wings as she roams the night
Delicate as a leaf on the breeze

Not many see how she plays with the air
Nor how it teases her in it’s turn
Or how the flowers invite her
To alight a moment on their petals
She is simply an insect, yes
But with so many bright colours to share
And she loves to fly too through the night
Even though her wings may be dark

And the others are insects too
But not all of them are the flying kind

Ben Naga lives and writes on the edge of England’s Lake District. Aside from writing, music lies somewhere between passion and obsession. He was first published in 1968 and examples of his work appeared in two anthologies during the 1970s, when he also performed publicly. In the following two and a half decades he wrote very little, From 2005 he has returned to writing and performing and currently maintains two websites. He has privately published “Northern Limericks” and is working on a book of selected poems and another book composed of pataphysical conundrums, paradoxes, paradiddles and etc. His poems have also been published by Clutching at Straws and Tuck.


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