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Springfield/Franconia by Marianne Szlyk

At the other end of the Blue Line,
in the Greyhound bus shelter,
the long-haired man with a guitar

I’ll drive away

to the yard of a flat-roofed house

where dogs sprawl
and seven kinds of smoke
hover above

where a barefoot soprano
carries a pitcher
of spiked, sweet tea
out to the musicians
in the shade

but here
waiting for the bus
in the air-conditioned shelter
with nothing but soda pop
and sports drinks
he sings


I’ll drive away

Marianne Szlyk is an associate professor at Montgomery College as well as an associate editor at Potomac Review. Her poem “Listening to Electric Cambodia” appeared in The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Two. She has also published poems in Aberration Labyrinth, Jellyfish Whispers, The Antigonish Review, and other journals. Her family used to vacation in Canada, once taking the train to Moosonee, Ontario.


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