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Let Me In by Shelby Dale DeWeese

I’d cry it, desperately, whenever my parents kissed:
Let me in!
I’d scramble up their legs, scaling them,
pushing bodies apart, wedging myself between soft bellies.
Let me in!
And they would lift me up,
and we’d all suspend there, for a moment, still and close and together.

When the baby came, she stole all of these moments
of just three warm bodies, together.
Her need squeezed into the space I once filled,
shrieked through the house, once mine.
Our house was always shrieking after that,
because no one could seem to say
Let me in!
loud enough.


Shelby Dale DeWeese is a poetry editor for Fractal and Teen Ink. Her work has appeared in those publications, and is forthcoming in Eunoia Review. Born and raised in a town so small that it doesn’t even have a name, she currently lives and studies in Los Angeles. She can be found at http://shelbydaledeweese.wordpress.com.


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