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Thinking Ahead by Scott Carpenter

I think I’ll retire on a November day
just after a last late-autumn rain has laid
a cool crinkling in the grass by my driveway,
and a soggy newspaper, hurled too short, weighs
a lovable extra ounce. I don’t know
where you go to retire, but I see
myself in a dentist-like office, showing
the receptionist some contract, like a three-
thousand page essay, and sitting down to wait
while some paperwork is filed. While I sit
I’ll call my kids, grown and out to navigate
Europe, and tell them I’m being retired, that’s it—
and they should soon, too, because it feels terrific.
And the receptionist will smile: No more.


Scott Carpenter is an English major at Goucher College outside of Baltimore, where he has studied with Johnny Turtle and Elizabeth Spires; during a recent semester abroad in England he also studied with Norfolk poet Andrea Holland at the University of East Anglia. Scott is a member of Goucher’s literary magazine, The Preface, to which he regularly contributes. He has been published in the online publication The Glass Coin and writes book reviews for JMWW.com.


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