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Sapphires by Edward A. Dougherty

A floorboard complains
as I pass. A hum of fired air
polishes the room’s
finish. I can’t see
my hands or the lip
of my cup, now empty.

Why rise in cold to blink
cloudcover from my eyes?

The clock’s thumbnail
ticks off one tiny
toothpick after another.

Listening speaks for itself.

I pour out page after page
sifting pettiness and habit
for the sound of illumination.
In this season’s long night,
the house and all in it
are a gleaming gem.

Edward A. Dougherty lives and works in Corning, NY, and is the author of Pilgrimage to a Gingko Tree (2008WordTech) and Part Darkness, Part Breath (2008 Plain View) as well as four chapbooks of poetry, most recently The Luminous House (2007 Finishing Line) and Backyard Passages (2012, FootHills Publishing). Exercises for Poets: Double Bloom, co-authored with Scott Minar, is a collection of exercises for classes or writing groups. He was given the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities.


7 thoughts on “Sapphires by Edward A. Dougherty

    • I’m not by nature a morning person, but some years ago I dedicated myself to being regular in my journaling. For a while, I’d show up at the desk pretty bleary-eyed, but now it’s a habit and a gift. There’s something crystalline about the that particular stillness.

  1. My favorite time of day !! I am an early bird by nature and there is something about coffee that tastes sooo good at 5am!

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