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Revising Color by Craig Kurtz

Your adventures

are unknowable

to anyone

save you.


that’s why

they are

so important.

Your intuition

is inscrutable

knowing what no one

else calls true.


that’s how

you got so



is the method;

what’s recondite

stays unsaid.

Your inclinations

are primitive

except when

they’re different.



doesn’t really


Learning language

is the challenge;

every word opens a box

to another paradox.

Our proclivities

are abstruse

save times

exchanging alignment.


it’s that maybe

is all there is

of fate.

Revising color

is the endeavor;

any disclosure

is a wonder.


One thought on “Revising Color by Craig Kurtz

  1. Craig Kurtz lives at Twin Oaks Intentional Community where he has learned how to write poetry while simultaneously handcrafting hammocks. Recent work appears in Out of Our, Randomly Accessed Poetics, Penny Ante Feud, and others. His first record, The Philosophic Collage, 1981, was reissued by BDR in 2012. He has been a staff writer for Perfect Sound Forever since 2003.

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