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Loray by Kelly Ann Jacobson

A capsuled town, one Main street with thrift shops
stuffed with antique furniture, adorned with
men grown old on benches. The theater
owner brewing coffee for neighbor friends
and fueling the popcorn machine like coal
on the Virginia railroad. Down the street
a middle-aged man with guitar and mike
croones soft rock at the speakeasy, bottles
empty, stomachs fill with duck and wild
boar. Mosquitoes feast on soft tourist skin;
and up a side street the homey B&B
serves cookies and hot tea, breakfast from eight
to ten before guests heads to the Caverns.
The beauty in its smallness like a moth
through a chestnut forest, landing its legs
on thin, papery leaves, spreading its wings.


One thought on “Loray by Kelly Ann Jacobson

  1. Kelly Ann Jacobson is currently pursuing her MA in Fiction at Johns Hopkins University, and she is the Poetry Editor for Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine. Currently, her novella is a finalist in the Iron Horse Literary Review novella contest. Kelly has had or will have poems published in Wooden Teeth magazine, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, Coldnoon, and Poetry Pacific. Her work can be found at http://www.kellyannjacobson.com.

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