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Contagion by Michele Seminara

So now
after all your raging
you are
sweet again
meek again
wanting to reconcile


and I
am invaded
by your anger’s oily grey shadow,
which spread across the vast expanse of bed last night
and, ascending my carefully constructed
– cold shoulder –
seeped into my heart,
where it rose like Judas’s gall
in the festy heat of my hurt,
cloning itself a dark likeness…

So that I
upon waking
felt uneasy inside
and, opening my cavernous, unconscious mouth
spat the poison like spit-fire
into the wide waiting eyes of our child
(oh my child!)
who could not absorb it
but spewed it back in a torrent
of hot tears and indignation
and then skirted me,
with surprised looking eyes,
sensing that something that would harm it
had inhabited its mother –

All day I struggled to reconcile
the purport of my love with its lack,
all day I wrestled treachery
to regain my kind self back,
and all day I failed
until finally,
the anger grew weary of its winning game
and I,
lowered my head in shame
and, asking forgiveness for hosting that
which I was not strong enough to contain
through the grace of imperfection
and a child’s perfect, unearned love


21 thoughts on “Contagion by Michele Seminara

  1. Hi Susie and Moriah! Thanks for publishing ‘Contagion’. Unfortunately, some stanza breaks seem to have gone missing in translation. Would it be possible to add some in? There should be one after the words reconcile/ again/ likeness/ mother. If its too difficult, no problem. Thanks again.

  2. Beautiful Michele, such strong feelings, so strongly expressed. It is great to read passionate writing like this, a terrific insight into the wearying nature of anger, definitely food for thought for all of us in that, thanks, Kevin
    ps thanks also for guiding me here, wonderful place, hi everybody ! Kevin

  3. Hi Michelle:

    I re-read this, and I’m thinking that love can heal all wounds–not human love, but divine love The answer for me, time and again, is to open my heart to divine love and divine guidance. Like you, I’m not a Christian, but to turn to that love, in good times and bad, really helps. It helps us to love our family members and close friends, to give to ourselves and to give to them what is needed.

  4. I deeply feel every emotion and hurt in your words Michele! Your hearts breath makes every word alive providing so many vivid images. You should not have to awaken each morning to each new days life except with a smile. It saddens me but at the same time I know the strong genuine heart that is alive within you! I can only send you spiritual hugs from within. I am with you always my sister! God bless!

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