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My Sister by Jenny Sweetland

My sister and I are different
Yet alike in so many ways.
Red hair
Blond hair
Brown eyes
and blue,
But its so much deeper.
A seven and a half year spread
but big sister/little sister lines have blurred.
She has mentored me
and given sage advice
when technically she is my baby sister.
We’ve always been close,
We’ve been told we seem alike
our essence,
our aura,
our tastes,
the things we love,
yet sometimes our differences astound me.
When upset I cry and cry
and want to talk till that horse is good and dead.
She puts on a brave face and holds it in.
I love a tightly pulled bed with pillow shams,
hers is a messy crumble of covers.
When I met my future brother in law
for the first time,
We laughed and talked.
Later she told me he had said
“Your sister’s exactly like you
in all the best ways.”

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