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4 poems by Dawnell Harrison


I could lie down and
Live as quiet as a mirror.

I am shattered by falling
Stars as I watch their

Fires slowly extinguish.
The moon watches me

Like a milky mother.
I build a bonfire and

Burn all bad memories
In a smoldering, quivering

My pain dissolves like
Blue fog slowly disappearing.
Indigo blue night

The sky blackened with crows
As the night dissolved bit by bit

In an indigo blue light.
My breath lay vaulted in the spring

Air as the street lights lit up blocks
Inch by inch, corner by corner.
The voice

The voice of disappointment
Itched in the noise of the

Earth’s floor.
The divorcing clouds scattered

Along the void of the sky.
The twined noise in the talcum

Night loses trailed feelings
Etched in the trees.

Their images are married
To my eyes as the crows drag
Their black dregs behind them.
One great dive

You unbuttoned my bones
With your tender hands

And I handed you my heart
In one great dive

Into the sea’s waves.
The tides blew spindrift

Across the ocean’s mayhem
And the winds coughed

In one fantastic breath.
I lay before you warm and

Wanting as your hands touch
My translucent skin
In a quivering ball of desire.


3 thoughts on “4 poems by Dawnell Harrison

  1. Dawnell Harrison has been published in over 100 magazines and journals including The Endicott Review, Fowl Feathered Review, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Vox Poetica, Queen’s Quarterly, The Vein, Word Riot, Iconoclast, Puckerbrush Review, Nerve Cowboy, Mobius, Absinthe: A journal of poetry, and many others.

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