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REJECTION by Steve Fiffer

September 19, 1980

Dear Mr. Fiffer:

Thank you
For letting us see
Your piece.

We don’t do pieces on
Handicapped athletes

No matter what
Their merit.
That is

The pieces
As well as
The athletes.

The reason
Is that if we
Cover, say

Wheelchair athletes.
Then we will be obliged
To cover

The deaf, the retarded, the…

This may seem
Somewhat callous,

Believe me,
It is a course
We have given

Much careful thought.



6 thoughts on “REJECTION by Steve Fiffer

  1. What a sucky attitude! People with unique abilities should be honored and respected for fighting battles that no one else could understand! I applaud all the athlete’s who strive for the best! Great social statement here! 🙂

  2. Steve Fiffer is the author of more than a dozen books, including the memoir, “Three Quarters, Two Dimes, and a Nickel: A Memoir of Becoming Whole.”

  3. 1980 is worlds away and would expect a rejection like that. I received a rejection letter form the Atlantic Monthly Mag. Said they would prefer “Topical Poetry.”
    This was back in 1978 while living at the YMCA in Denver. So many things have changed today. If one wants to send in a volume of winter poetry in the summer, today it’s accepted. Good poetry is received regardless of the day or season of the year.

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