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Wind by Jill London

This is the wind. The wind in a field of corn
baked golden and heavy, heaving to the
wind’s caress, mirroring the yield and flex
of lovers moulding a nest in the corn.
These are the moonlit whispers of the old boys
weaving a course back from The Speckled Hen,
shushing themselves and chuckling as they
fold corn into tomorrow’s tabloid news.
This is tonight’s bed for the man from the north
who, searching for an answer in the shoal
of stars, discovers endless tomorrows,
and reeling, clings like a babe to the corn.
And the sweet soil which yielded the wealth of man,
since the thistle and the briar held sway,
is the church to which we return as ash,
then following our ancestors we join
and become the wind in a field of corn.


10 thoughts on “Wind by Jill London

  1. Jill London has had short stories published both online and in a national women’s magazine and has recently published her latest children’s novel Evertrue. Jill has been writing for many years and it was as a precocious and serious child of eleven that she announced her career as a writer. Jill currently lives in Northamptonshire with her husband Steven, their three daughters and their steadfast Labrador, Lucy. You can read more of her work at: http://jilllondon.wordpress.com/

  2. Jill!!!! I have no words . . . well, maybe a few. I’m even more impressed with you now than ever. Every word choice was a treat. I think I’ll put ypur poem somewhere in my house to repeat out loud when I’m forgetting how great writing brightens one’s outlook on life. Thanks!

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