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2 poems by Charles F. Thielman

Lesion and Pearl

Dark blue currents running

below twilight,
he’s left

bicameral choices festering,
sweat prints on a happy-hour bar-rail,

traversed the gradients
between lesion and pearl,

ointments and toxins, gone beyond
the park’s high-beamed trees,

traffic hissing on the freeway.

Finding that riverside bench
once initialed porous, silvered by moon,

twin etchings added simply together
during a moon-lit courtship.

He sits watching a tug and barge
plow upriver, his eyes cupping

a quiet urge, finger tracing initials.

Solitaire at Dawn

The children of four days of rain,
having left the arms of spruce,
pool above roots and listen

as the black-haired goats
of evening slip inside loam.

The first crow call a beacon
void of promise for those
who play solitaire well.

The queen of hearts, heavy
with an imprint left by a mask,
waits to see which cards are dealt.

Then, we find a home
for the sad one-eyed jack

as fog trails mist
onto sliding glass doors.
Gray brush over the mural of one life.


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