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Her New Baby Boy by A.G. Dumas


She no sooner is home then must start on a daunting trip
that quickly encounters bumps, ruts and sudden storms,
necessitating many stops and phone calls for crying, for help.
In time the sun comes out and the way is better paved
and she feels more confident in herself and her bearings,
crying for no particular reason excepting for joy, for relief.
En route a tidy home has become a warehouse of things
and all avenues inexorably now lead to a zoo-like setting,
where her little one is caged and calls out for feeding, for love.
He grows strong and tall and she screams out as he goes ahead
but inside she is proud and loves him like she loves no other,
always wondering if the end of this trip she can forestall, for her.
She wonders too if when they do get to that dreaded fork
she will be able to go one way and let him go the other,
knowing while it’s meant to be, she’ll die inside forever, for him.


One thought on “Her New Baby Boy by A.G. Dumas

  1. A.G.Dumas is a longtime writer who lives in New Jersey. He, like many of us, resorts
    to poetry when he has an emotional upheaval — and doesn’t know how else to express it.

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