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Dub(h)lin(n), a Poem, 17 On Ormond Quay by Seamus Carraher

Dub(h)lin(n), a Poem, 17
On Ormond Quay

On beautiful Ormond Quay
the sun slips glass daggers
into the bleedin’ river.
We’re all blinded by
the brilliance of it
the political hysteria of it
the nine-to-five drudgery of it,
even the nightclub repudiation of it.
It confuses like television
or a politician’s speech
the innocent backpackers,
these innocent backpackers
brimful of the illusion of it,
But the sun still falls full of spit
up near James’s Hospital,
two innercity kids with boltcutters
liberate a poor medical student’s bike.
Only the moon remembers
the point of it all,
and the cats in the alleys,
only the cats remember
and the drunk in the gutter
on Ormond Quay, on beautiful Ormond Quay
Jimmy Brown’s ghost has slipped across the river
on his way home to Ballybough,
here’s a one way ticket to hell
i tell hurt Bernice,
with the tourist bus passing
and Gramsci’s ghost on the bridge
throwing flowers like theories
at these sheeplike strangers:
sad Antonio’s throwing flowers
at his lost bride on Essex Bridge,
on Essex Bridge
“the nights are closing in”
the nights come home.

We must all be quiet now:
hush, little children, go to sleep
and once upon a time
no more than a block
from the river,
crime wasn’t a business
or a career
but the pleasure of it
the lawless reckless pleasure of it
speeding like a teenage joyrider

at the 100 foot thick wall,
ya eejit!


3 thoughts on “Dub(h)lin(n), a Poem, 17 On Ormond Quay by Seamus Carraher

  1. Recent publications include poems in THE SHOp (Ireland), the Rusty Nail, The Camel Saloon, Dead Beats, Red River Review, Word Riot, The Junk Lot Review, Dead Flowers, Pyrokinection, Dead Snakes, Carcinogenic Poetry, Napalm & Novacain, ditch, Bone Orchard Poetry, Istanbul Literary Review and Pemmican. Previously his work has been published in Left Curve (No. 13, 14 & 20), Compages, Poetry Ireland Review, the Anthology of Irish Poetry and the Irish Socialist (newspaper).

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