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The Blue Hour Volume Two Update


Greetings Friends,

Susie and I want to share the latest information on our second Anthology, The Blue Hour Volume Two. Yesterday evening, I drove out to Susie’s house, and on the way I stopped at a country store and bought some good dry hopped beer. After we poured our beer and sat down, we looked over the proof and were amazed by the quality of the book. There is so much beauty in this book thanks to our contributors.

It is very similar to The Blue Hour Anthology Volume One, but has more pages of short stories, art and poetry. We also chose thicker stock pages and the paper will be glossy. The books should be shipping by the end of July.

We also made some changes to our ecommerce. We are going to use the new customized storefront instead of etsy. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here is the link. If you prefer to not use PayPal, please contact us at our email address. There is also an ebook for $3.00.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

The Blue Hour Editors
Moriah LaChapell
Susie Sweetland Garay


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