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Mirrored by Miguel Jacq

the Richmond streets
         at dusk
are a minefield

I’m navigating by
    the brady st

two sheets
to the wind


as a dead man’s
I left the reaper

a message
on the mirror –
I’m sharpening

knives on my
steely expression

I want his black
blood pooled

on the evening news.
I’m searching for
the pushmepullyou

the fisherman
craning over

full moon

                                                        – I guess   I took  
                                                          the bait

                                                                  after all


6 thoughts on “Mirrored by Miguel Jacq

  1. Thanks for the comment Meredith

    Miguel Jacq is a French-Australian poet/photographer/fiend. He lives in Melbourne, Australia where he runs, of all things, an I.T business.

    His first poetry collection, titled ‘Black Coat City’, was released in print and e-book in February 2013 (presumably the critical acclaim is drunk in a bar somewhere). In addition to The Blue Hour, he has previously been published by Dagda Publishing.

    He writes regularly at http://migueljacq.com.

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