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2 poems by Marc Carver

Why don’t i ask
A young woman sits on the wooden fence
crying into her phone
like it is a giant funnel
that will suck up all her tears

I think about going out
and offering her a cup of tea
seeing if she is alright
but i can see that she is not alright
I even think about inviting her in
to let her do some crying in here instead.

But i know that i won’t ask her
if everything is okay
because i know
everything will never be okay

She will always feel different
she will always feel special
she will always feel that no one else understands her
Like the world is against her
The only thing she doesn’t know yet
is that
everybody feels that way.

Everything works in some big circle
the sun,
the planets. the clock that never stops and makes life eternal
and death,
birth and re-birth
people gong to different places
product chasing cash
men chasing women
women chasing men
dogs chasing cats

until one day
it will all come to a stop
– like the millisecond
before the big bang
it will all start again


One thought on “2 poems by Marc Carver

  1. Marc Carver never thought that he would have nearly four hundred poems published in some form or another when he started but there you go. It is probably not about the amount but for him the most important thing is that people get something from his work and just maybe they may encourage someone else to write.

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