Magdalene jailers by Christy O Donnell

Taken from families who in some cases knew no other?
Children whom it seemed were thought to be of less use,
Or who had made some error in their life causing bother,
Shipped off by the Catholic Church for systematic abuse,
Made to work each day and no way out,
No reprieve for something that was never a crime,
Religious sisters never telling them what it was all about,
Living in bewilderment poverty and grime,
Many would profit from their incarcerated labour,
And no wage given for their daily tasks,
None for their lifetime would see any favour,
Instead of a smiling face would be a broken mask,
The Magdalene laundry had a fine reputation,
Their work was sought after by those who had money,
Society would not let these women see integration,
The horror of these places was anything but funny,
Some worked for a short time others their whole life,
Without wage or comfort as if criminal put to jail,
Too late for most to hope to someday become a wife,
Through an open gate and freedom they would never hail,
There is no justification for locking someone away,
Just because they don’t seem to fit in,
Forcing religion upon them each and every day,
Those in charge were the ones committing all the sin,
All the profit made from each day that was taken,
Bought land and prestige for this church of ours,
Young lives into servitude and futures forsaken,
To appease the religious fat cats and government powers,
But hey the currant lot in power now say they are sorry,
For anything and everything that happened to those lives,
Little word from the owners the church seems unworried,
It’s all about how much it will cost them for these could have been wives,
They provided that service while being told to kneel and pray,
How anyone can put a price on all that was lost,
And for years tell them they had nothing worthy to say,
Time given as payment is the ultimate cost.


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