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Independence by John Abbott

They drove along

The lakeshore watching

The tourists watch fireworks

And seeing how long

They could keep their

Hands off each other

These young kids

Trying to hold off

On instincts that didn’t used

To be held back by

Expectations, rules, and curfews.

But they know

It’s going to happen

Tonight there’s been too much

Contact for it not to

Their only wish is that

They can drive to some deserted

Beach before the fireworks

Have ended so they

Don’t have to look up

At a sky permanently

Darkened by desire.


3 thoughts on “Independence by John Abbott

  1. John Abbott is a writer, musician, and English instructor who lives with his wife and daughter in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Potomac Review, Georgetown Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Arcadia, Two Thirds North, upstreet, Midwestern Gothic, Fast Forward: A Collection of Flash Fiction, Bitter Oleander, and many others. His first novel, The Last Refrain, was just released by Sweatshoppe Publications, and his poetry chapbook, Near Harmony, was just released by Flutter Press. For more information about his writing, please visit http://www.johnabbottauthor.com

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