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Appropriated by Mari Sanchez Cayuso

Every critic wrote what I missed
The chair I sat on while playing a game of chess

Crowding the vanity of my flesh
While muttering a German phrase

I waited for you to save me
Handing my faded notes instead


4 thoughts on “Appropriated by Mari Sanchez Cayuso

  1. Born in Cuba of Spanish descent, a refugee to Venezuela, a wanderer in the United States—Mari Sanchez Cayuso is a woman who has known many lives. Stretched thin by a torn family. Without formal training in writing or fine arts, she has emerged as a sincere voice. In her images and her words, we encounter a child cruelly robbed of innocence, an adult striving for clarity, a woman exploring identity. Lacking in artifice, Mari’s verses are an authentic effort at understanding the self—the beauty of longing, the pain of loss, the vulnerability of being—while bestowing voice on an individual who endured for so long a life unheeded. The work of Mari Sanchez Cayuso is an ongoing process of healing and discovery.

  2. Mari’s work is brilliant. I am constantly amazed by what she produces. Again and again I read her poetry and think . . . I hope someday to write with that measure of elegance and learn to articulate mystery the way she does. But I know that some people are on a higher plane in their writing and seeing. She is one of those people.

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