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3 poems by Marya Zilberberg

Smoke and ecstasy
You smuggle your love in
Like contraband
In the dark
Tongue loaded
She grinds your heart
Into powder
That tastes faintly
Of iron
You are
The shiver of chains
Is a faint whisper
Like a lullaby
Or a distant thunder
Until her name echoes
Smelling of smoke and ecstasy
Keep your gates open
Keep your gates open
You who are made of clouds and rain
Who crest and ebb with the moon
Who make mighty suspension bridges and
Sky scrapers seem elementary
You whose stride spans galaxies
Whose heart is in a blade of grass
Whose sight in the night sky says
You are mine

Don’t drop the portcullis just because
You are afraid of being destroyed by
A small child or a stray dog
Or by the smell of dirt
Or by the riot of cherry blossoms in
April when they make such direct
Eye contact

Remnants of baptism

I am
A galaxy
An undulating river
Each molecule dances
In unison with all others
Your beat shatters my
I glisten
I glow
Like a fish or
Like Jupiter
Or the moon rising in
Your light
I collapse into the mist
Of your Milky Way
Oh god oh Jesus
Consecrating the holy
In my mouth
Remnants of baptism
On my skin


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